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CEO’s Welcome

Steve Aiken

CEO British Irish Chamber Of Commerce 

 Welcome To the British Irish Chamber Of Commerce  

The British Irish Chamber of Commerce represents the interests of businesses on either side of the Irish Sea that are focused on Ireland, Britain and the joint economic space within these Islands. The Chamber offers its membership the ability to influence key decision makers, to network with a wide variety of companies and organisations, to promote their interests, and to gain a wider understanding of the business space that they occupy. Our membership is broadly based, from large multi-nationals, through manufacturing groups, retailers, agribusiness, construction, transportation, financial services, tourism, the intellectual space, small and medium enterprises, the media, the arts, sports, and other supporting organisations. In short, we aim to cover the breadth and depth of business interrelationships within these Islands – and we very much welcome our members’ support and your interest in what we are achieving now and aim to achieve in the future.

Why are we needed?   

The British Irish Chamber, since its foundation, occupies a unique position amongst the business communities across these islands. It represents the economic and commercial interests of our nearest neighbour. The combined British/Irish ‘economic space’ has been conservatively measured (2011) at more than €/£ 35 Billion per annum; the UK is Ireland’s third largest export market. Ireland and the UK are both highly diverse, globally enabled, export-driven economies that have much in common. With similar legal systems, language, attitudes to investment, higher educational systems and workforces that feel equally at home in either environment, many UK/Irish companies have a genuine intra-Islands feel. Indeed, the Irish Diaspora community in Britain, of around 6 million, has produced an estimated 40,000 senior leaders and managers working in British companies and British based multinationals throughout the world.  However, there is also a wider dimension to this relationship, Britain and Ireland are interlinked by longstanding geographic, historic, cultural, and social ties; ties that have grown stronger as the respect and understanding between the Islands continues to develop.

The Chamber is seeking to build on all these links and has already made a unique contribution to the broader British/Irish community, a contribution that we will continue to build upon in the coming years.

Our Vision   

The British Irish Chamber of Commerce will become the focal point for business activity between Ireland and Britain and will, through its members and links to the key stakeholders in government, become one of the main influencing, networking and promotion organisations across these Islands.

Our Mission   

The Mission of the British Irish Chamber of Commerce is to promote the interests of its membership in the combined British and Irish business space. This will be achieved by developing a Chamber structure that covers the breadth of economic activity across these the Islands, within its membership.  Crucial to its success will be its continued relevance to a wide variety of stakeholders, not least its own membership. It will ensure this by engaging with the key stakeholders in business, in the international, national and regional governments, amongst political parties and other trade and economic organisations and within the commercial community and the informed media sector. By doing this the Chamber will also help foster improving relationships, at all levels, within these Islands. The Chamber will build on its position and will look to become the main focal point for the British/Irish business and economic community.